Wanna Collab?


Wanna collab with us ? No problem, we have multiple promotiom plans for you to choose:

$ Affiliate Plan: If you are an influencer on social medias, or your website have more than 10k traffic per day, this is the best plan for you,pls don't hesitate to contact us getting your exclusive promotion codes and your high commission !

$ Share to win: If you are not a influencer, then this is the plan designed for you. Post your amazing selfies or videos with our mat on your social medias, attaching our promo code and website link as well, to get $15($20 for video) for one post, extra $1 per comments below your post, you could get $100 at most in total !!

We welcome all kinds of ideas to collab, if you love our products and want to be part of our us, pls contact us directly, let's have a talk to figure out which way is work for you !