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What is an Exercise Mat?

What is an Exercise Mat?


People often get confused by the term "exercise mat," not knowing when they might need one or how they are supposed to be used.


With so many people looking to buy home workout equipment as a result of the events of 2020, it's useful to go over what an exercise mat is, how you should be using one, and why you definitely need one for your workouts.  


What is an Exercise Mat?



An exercise mat is pretty much as it sounds. It's a mat made to facilitate exercise. Generally speaking, they are made of absorbent materials to soften impacts, reduce noise, and provide comfort to those who would otherwise be working out on hard floors or scratchy carpets.


Their use in many settings is essential to avoid potential injury from impacts caused by movements such as jumping or lunging. They also protect the floor underneath from damage caused by training shoes, which often leave unsightly marks on typical home floor surfaces such as wood or carpet.


How Are Exercise Mats Used?



Exercise mats are useful in various situations. As mentioned, no one likes to lie down on a cold hard floor to do a workout. Thus, an exercise mat performs the role of providing an added layer of comfort to get the most out of each workout.


But they're not just more comfortable; they add functionality too. First of all, these mats give an added layer of protection to your floor against possible damage from your exercise routines or your gym equipment. For instance, if you're using heavy weights without the protection of an exercise mat, they could well damage your floor.


When it comes to specific exercises, holds such as the plank are much more comfortable when your elbows are not digging into a hard surface. Similarly, Russian twists and sit-ups are much better performed on a more forgiving exercise mat than on hard gym flooring.


Are Exercise Mats Exclusively for Home Use?


Exercise mats for home gym workout


In a word, no. While exercise mats are pretty much necessary for a home gym set up, they are not bound by any specific location. In fact, it's often a good idea to take one to the local gym if you are a member. 


Even though gyms will provide exercise mats to avoid damaging gym flooring, the warm, sweaty conditions and shared repetitive use make their in-house exercise mats a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. It's one of the reasons that gyms have had to shut down across the world. Given that the world has been in the grip of a pandemic since late 2019, it makes sense now more than ever to invest in your own exercise mat to bring with you to the gym as and when they reopen.


Can You Do Yoga with an Exercise Mat?


Extra large&thick yoga mat


Yes, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from doing yoga or Pilates movements on an exercise mat because they are designed to withstand much heavier loads. If you are only interested in yoga specifically, it may be worth investing in a specifically-designed yoga mat.


They have a slightly different material make-up and are more geared toward barefoot use and comfort, which is perfect for holding yoga poses.   


How to Choose the Best Exercise Mat?


GXMMAT Extra large & thick Exercise Mat


While exercise mats may look similar to you, there are some crucial differences between leading exercise mat manufacturers. Some use very cheap materials such as latex that are potentially toxic to some individuals with allergies. Others manufacture their exercise mats using elements that are damaging to the environment.


But there are several more critical factors that you should evaluate when choosing the best exercise mat for your needs. For instance, you need to make sure that the mat has high-density foam to cushion those impacts and reduce the noise of your movements efficiently. We pack 7mm of high-density memory foam into our exercise mats. That's not only great for comfort purposes, but it's also resistant to potential scratches and tears caused by footwear.   


It's also vital that your exercise doesn't slip while exercising. If your mat moves in any way during strenuous activity, you could potentially seriously injure yourself. It's why all GXMMAT exercise mats are non-slip on both the top and the bottom.


A grooved and matrix-circled underside helps to keep the mat firmly in place on gym flooring or typical home flooring. At the same time, the textured upper surface prevents hand and feet slipping out of position at crucial moments, even when sweaty!


Next, you need to buy an exercise mat made with premium materials that have proven durability. "If you buy cheap, you buy twice" as the famous saying goes. Look for a company such as GXMMAT that stands behind the quality of their products by offering lifetime services and money-back guarantees to give you total peace of mind. Otherwise, you could find yourself having to replace your original purchase just a few short months later.


Choosing the Right Size of Exercise Mat  


GXMMAT Exercise mat


Choosing the correct size of an exercise mat is vital. In many cases, conventional exercise mats are too small to store all of your weights and equipment and leave space for working out. In other cases, some home workout programs (such as P90X) require a lot of movement, requiring an investment in an oversized exercise mat.


You also need to think about whether you are merely working out on your own or needing space for two people to exercise together on one mat. If that's the case, you might want to consider an exercise mat that is at least six feet wide, so both you and your work out buddy have plenty of room to maneuver.


If you're looking for a mat just for you, a 6' x 4' exercise mat may be the perfect solution. Particularly if the workout program you are following does not require any excessive movements or extensive equipment requirements.


Buy an Industry-Leading Exercise Mat for Your Workouts


Large exercise mat 


Whether you're working out at the gym studio or home, an exercise mat is the number one priority on the equipment list. Without one, you're going to be carrying out even the most basic workouts in pain and discomfort.  


Here at GXMMAT, we have become industry leaders by focusing our attention on quality materials, cutting-edge non-slip design, and providing some of the most expansive home exercise mats in the world. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping.


So what are you waiting for? Check out our range of exercise mats today!


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bruce - February 22, 2021

I put a 6 inch by 6 inch 90 degree tear in my mat. How should i repari it? would Gorilla Glue work?

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